Mayan ruins at an archaeological site

Learn More About Maya

The Maya were an advanced Mesoamerican civilization living in present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and northern Honduras. Unlike the Inca or the Aztecs, the Maya were not one unified empire, but rather a series of powerful city-states that often allied with.

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Interesting Facts About Honduras

Honduras has had a rocky history and it’s a place where, in certain parts, travellers still need to err on the side of caution. That doesn’t mean the country is off-limits though. In fact, done the right way, there are some incredible experiences awaiting you in Honduras and throughout Central America.

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Musical Instruments of Central America

Central American music is greatly influenced by a lot of different cultures from the rest of Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and even Africa. Out of all of those cultures, the African and European influences are the most noticeable. European music entered into Latin America through the invasion of the Spaniards over 500 years ago.