Top Attractions of Honduras

Roatán, Bay Islands

A mountainous backbone undulates through the island's centre, and flourishing coral reefs fringe its shores offering superb opportunities for diving and deep-sea fishing.

Copán Ruins Archeological Site

Highlights include the ballcourt, the Hieroglyphic Stairway (a unique temple, which holds the longest known Mayan text) and the Acropolis, featuring superb carved reliefs of the 16 kings of Copán.

La Tigra National Park

The park is a haven for birds. More than 200 species flit within its borders, including toucans, trogons, and the elusive quetzal. Well-marked hiking trails wind through the thick forest where bromeliads and orchids flourish.

Explore Guatemala

Mayan Ruins of Tikal

It was one of the most important urban Mayan centres for more than a thousand years and is today one of the largest Mayan archeological sites of its time period, still in existence.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, most often referred to simply as Antigua, is one of the highlights of Guatemala and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Central America.

Lake Atitlán

Lake Atitlán has been described by many as the most beautiful lake in the world. Visitors who make the journey here will not be disappointed.

What Do You Know About Guatemala?

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